There is a new Bible out called, “The Passion Translation”, and for a good reason! The translation reveals the PASSIONATE LOVE of Father God’s Heart for His creation,… people! This translation will help develop a deeper, more personal relationship with The God of LOVE.  I ordered mine off of Amazon and it just arrived today! I cannot wait to read it side by side with my King James / Amplified Bible! Here’s a link to the Bible on Amazon: 

Here is a few photos, and some side by side comparisons, enjoy!


It’s been a while.

I haven’t forgotten about the WordPress, so I just wanted to give a quick “Hello everyone” and an update.

Since I wrote last we have moved into a new house. 

I have gotten a part time job which keeps me moving all day.

Our second oldest is a Senior this year, 

And our oldest just left for the Army on Tuesday.

The best is definitely feeling a bit, bigger and quieter. I’m holding my emotions together, (it least when others are around) and since this is our first weekend without our oldest Son, I’m doing my best to stay busy. I just miss him.

Prayers for his safety, for peace (everyone who just gets to boot camp tends to question their decision), strength (physically and mentally) for him and maybe me too, would be greatly appreciated. 

When The Lord has something for me to write, I will definitely do so.

Lots of love,