Hearing God!

Look at what just came today!I have never heard of this author until recently, and this will be his first book I have ever read.

I can hear Father speaking, but not as clear as this man. 

I can’t wait to read it!! 🙂


Where is your focus?

Such a TRUTH about having a RELATIONSHIP with God The Father! 🙂

“Like the full moon that draws clearer and nearer to our vision as we continue to steadfastly gaze at it, so Jesus appears more real to our souls as we continue to contemplate Him. We need a closer, personal, vital relationship, acquaintance, and communion (or communication) with God. Only the man who lives in fellowship with divine reality can be used to call the people to God.”

Excerpt from the book “Azusa Street”, by Frank Bartleman.

To change a Nation…

I don’t know about you, but things seem to be getting really out of ‘wack’. People seem to be more self centered, rude, unforgiving, demanding, rebellious and just plain unloving. Whether they are Christian or not, the lines are becoming blurred.

I have been reading Derek Prince’s book called, ” Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting”, and if I may be so bold,… it IS what America and the world truly needs. No President can fix what’s going on. Only our humbling ourselves, repenting to God and making a decision to change our hearts can fix America. God will heal our land once His condotions are met (See Joel 2, Jobe 2).

I stumbled upon this video by Derek Prince on fasting. It’s a bit long, but it is quicker than reading the book. I would ask that you take the time out to watch it, and consider making the sacrifice of fasting for America and the World. 

And just so you know, I would never ask you to do something that I am not willing to do myself.