A lovesick God.

An excerpt:

“At the core of the Bridegroom message are Jesus’ emotions for us and His commitments to us as a lovesick God. The God who created Heaven and Earth is a Bridegroom whose heart burns in holy love for His Bride. The God who possesses all power desires intimacy with human beings. God’s bridegroom nature is a dramatic and significant reality. I do not know of anything that brings a person’s life and identity into greater clarity than the realization that Jesus has fiery affections for him or her. This paradigm of the Kingdom has a profound impact on us, utterly transforming us from within. Only when we understand Jesus’ great desire for us can we understand who we really are. We are His eternal companions. He shares with us that which the Father has given Him. He shares with us His heart.

The King of kings is a God of indescribable passion. That this passion burns hot with love for you and me is a powerful truth that is intended to define our lives. Our human emotions are radically transformed when we see Jesus as a passionate Bridegroom God and ourselves as His beloved Bride. If we do not feel loved and in love, we are spiritually bored and are thus more vulnerable to compromise, lacking in courage and strength. On the other hand, when we come face to face with the extravagant affections of God, the very core of our being is impacted. This internal impact is what we are after. It is what changes our lives.

Living according to the reality of Jesus being our heavenly Bridegroom and viewing ourselves as His cherished Bride is the only way we can prepare for the Lord’s return. It is our only hope of filling the void of our loneliness and rejection. Yet we are not naturally aware of these truths. We do not naturally live in this identity, though it is the highest revelation of who we are before Him. Currently, the revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom is not commonly understood by the Church. However, the Lord has a plan to awaken the people of God. He will unveil Himself to them as a Bridegroom and He will do it through prayer and fasting. Jesus invites us to know Him as our Bridegroom and to experience the rewards of prayer and fasting. God beckons us to come near Him. Oh, that we would respond to this invitation wholeheartedly.”
Excerpt From: Mike Bickle & Dana Candler. “The Rewards of Fasting.” Forerunner Publishing, 2011-10-17. iBooks. 

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