When God speaks.

Sadly, sometimes people pretend to be your family. Even though they are blood, and share your last name, but they are truly your enemy. They will walk right up to you with others around, smiling, arms out to hug you while telling you how good it is to see you. Not an hour later, they have gossiped and lied about you to the people around you! Now you have tried to tell certain family members about this family member, trying to warn them. But since they have never seen the backstabbing, or heard the lies, they refuse to believe it.

Tonight, I stumbled on some proof. I’ve tried to tell him so many times, but he just refuses to believe me and keeps this family member close. I thought, “I’ll show him, then he will realize this family member is not on our side, but is actually undermining us!”

Then, I decided to just look at my Twitter while I thought about the situation.

The first thing that came up…

… Ya, that was Father God talking directly to me concerning what I was considering.

I love how He can communicate in so many different ways,… just because He loves us.

I will restrain my lips, and put it in His hands.