A RELATIONSHIP with Father God, Jesus The Christ and The Holy Spirit is our purpose!! To love Him, to receive His unconditional Love so that it can overflow into others lives. 

His Peace, His Joy, His Strength, His Mercy, His Healing, His Compassion, His Forgiveness, His Provision, His Excellence, His Fatherhood, His Wisdom, His Strategy, His Abundance, ALL FLOW OUT OF HIS LOVE!

Listen to what Todd White has to say:

4 thoughts on “THE HEART OF GOD!

  1. Cannot love this post enough!!! I have reposted to our blog!!! My heart’s cry is to love the way God loves and in order to do that we need to see ourselves the way He sees us, then we can see others the way He sees them … oh how my spirit resonates with this video! Thank you!

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