A few days ago, I found myself feeling very frustrated and I had no reason to be.I went for a drive by myself, and cried out to The Lord for more of Him. To trust Him completely. To love Him completely. To seek His face as my VITAL need. To have that VITAL RELATIONSHIP with Him.
The next day, I looked at my desk with the pile of books. Some I have read, some are on my “next to read” list. All of them pointing towards my desperation for more of Him.
Then one book stood out.

I had never heard of the author, but the book had excellent reviews on Amazon, so I got it. But it’s just been sitting and waiting for me to get around to it.
I picked it up and started reading the cover. “FASTING: Opening the door to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God”. 😳
Since then, I have been reading,… and reading,…. and reading. 

I don’t just read a book to read it. I read to study it. To learn. To get it.

I chew on it slowly, savor in each bite, if you will. And this book, is by far, the BEST book on Fasting that I have ever read yet.

It explains the how’s and WHY’S on Fasting. And that has been my two biggest questions, especially the WHY. I can go through the motions, but without fully understanding why, then it just becomes a diet.
If you are a Christian, you need this book.

If you don’t think Christians need to fast,… then you need this book.

If you want a deeper RELATIONSHIP with Father and to hear His Voice, then you NEED this book.

If you are facing a stubborn situation, or if you are in a DESPERATE situation, you NEED THIS BOOK.
I’m not exaggerating. 

Please, get a copy.

Book link:



A pretty typical morning for me.I took this photo and talk about the books I read in hopes that if someone has been trying to find information on a certain subject that my posts may cut down that time.

In other words, I hope you can find something here, helpful to you. 🙂

The books on the right (The Bait Of Satan, etc) are the foundations. They basically are about the loving God with all you are, and loving people, which is the greatest commandment (see Matthew 22:35-40). In fact, “Bought With The Blood” should be in that pile too. It is about understanding your rights, what you have been given through the exchange on the cross by Jesus. If more of us knew our spiritual rights, we wouldn’t put up with sickness, lack, worry, fear, etc.)

All of the books here have the same foundations: Loving God with our whole self (heart, soul and mind) and loving people. In loving God completely, we let go of our “self” (aka “die to self: our will, our agendas, our fleshly “rights”, our pride, etc. in exchange for God’s Will, His desires, His purpose, His Heart. And in doing that, His Love will pour into our hearts so we can pour His Love out on people. 

And when people experience God’s Love,… they will willingly “die to self” in exchange for God’s Will, His desires, His purpose, etc. then they go out, and pour out His love on others and the cycle repeats. This is Discipleship. Notice the word “disciple” looks very much like “discipline”. It’s not a coincidence. Discipleship takes discipline, period. Thankfully, that’s where Grace comes in. There’s no way we can be perfect, and obey the “law” perfectly, as they tried in the Old Testament. That’s one of many, reasons why Jesus died on the cross for us. Grace! His ability and strength instead of our ability. (Letting go of our self / ability for His Self / ability).

It’s upside down in The Kingdom of God. We “die (to self) to live in Him. We humble ourself (go down) and He lifts us up!
I didn’t mean to go on like this, but again, I hope these books can help someone. 🙂

In The Garden

While in the garden, Adam & Eve were completely DEPENDENT upon God. They were dependent upon Him and their relationship with Him. In that relationship they talked, and spent time together in the very Presence of God. They needed to hear what Father had to say! And in that relationship,… in that dependence upon their relationship, they had an abundance of Father’s provision available anytime!It wasn’t until they were tempted to consider and believe that God, who already provided EVERYTHING they could ever possibly need, was withholding something good from them. 

That’s when they stopped trusting God. They stopped depending on Him. They stopped desiring a relationship with Him.

They rejected God’s one rule to pursue the ONE thing He told them not to have.

They lost it all, and all because of a convincing lie.
The enemy tells you what he WANTS you to believe.
Just because you didn’t get, or don’t have something… doesn’t mean God is withholding anything good from you. It may SEEM good, but most likely Father knows it’s not good for you.
Trust Him, and build that VITAL, DEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP with Him again.
That’s who you were truly meant to be,… in Love with The God of LOVE. 
Recommended reading:

“The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor, 

“Waterspouts Of Glory” by Wade E Taylor,

“The Bait Of Satan” by John Brevere, 

“Practicing The Presence Of God” by Brother Lawrance,

“Good Or God?” By John Brevere.