A lesson in LOVE.

A lesson in LOVE.Last week I had a crummy attitude, plain and simple. No excuses.

I have the privilege of being an at home Mom,… but this day it particularly felt more like a curse than a blessing. 

I was grumbling about always having laundry to do, dishes to wash, meals to make, vacuuming, dusting, etc. To be honest, I don’t keep up on the vacuuming and dusting as much as I should. 

But I was grumbling, and thinking, “Is this all I’m good for, to be a live in maid?…”

Now before my crummy mood, I have been reading a book called, “Did You Learn To Love?”. (Obviously not this day!)
So after I was done complaining inside my head, The Lord had a chat with me.
He said, “You know, even though your kids are old enough to pick up after themselves, when they get home from school and see that you made their bed for them,… that shows them you love them enough to have a made bed.

When they get home and see the dishes washed and put away, that shows them you love them enough to have clean dishes to eat off of. 

When you wash, fold and put away their laundry, it shows them that you love them enough to have their clothes cleaned, folded and ready to go.

Showing love, comes in many forms,… and you are not above being a servant. Having a servant’s heart is having My Heart.” (Last two sentences He just gave me.)

Do ALL for The Love of God. 🙂


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