What a Word through Lana Vawser this morning!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lana Vawser
Tonight I had a vision where I saw the Lord standing in front of houses of His people and He was dressed as a mighty warrior. Instantly I heard the words “DREAD CHAMPION”.
I saw Him draw a line in the sand in front of the houses of many of God’s people and instantly I knew in the atmosphere that in the ‘crossover’ into 2017, the last THREE days, many have been assaulted. There has been some significant “hits” against some of God’s people, and the sense surrounded me that these “HITS” have caused tremendous FEAR for many of them. 
When I saw Him draw the line in the sand the words boomed all around me “ENOUGH!!!!” The atmosphere so filled with the protection, vindication and the One who fights for us. 
Such a certainty in the spirit that it ENDS HERE. It will NOT continue and instead of dread and fear that has been brought into many houses in the very few days of 2017, the Lord is bringing HOPE and PEACE that ALL IS WELL and WILL BE WELL.
Jeremiah 20:11

But God, a most fierce warrior, is at my side.

    Those who are after me will be sent sprawling—

Slapstick buffoons falling all over themselves,

    a spectacle of humiliation no one will ever forget. (MSG)
As the Lord stood there in defense of His people, I saw Him begin to laugh and laugh. What the enemy brought for the harm and destruction of God’s people, the Lord is now turning it and He is releasing TENFOLD INCREASE to them in this season. This assault as hard as it has been for many, it has brought you greater INCREASE in this season. God is adding MORE to you for the assault and hardship the enemy has brought. HE is sending the ENEMY SPRAWLING!!!! The enemy is going to trip over the very things that he has used to try and trip you up. God will publicly humiliate the enemy in your life through the INCREASE He will release. 
Do not allow what many of you have walked in the last few days be an ‘indicator’ of 2017 and believing the lies that “things haven’t changed nor will they”. The EXACT OPPOSITE is true! 
BECAUSE of what you are stepping into in 2017, as this is a year of greater breakthrough and change, the enemy is scared, He is scared of the manifested breakthrough of the promises of God, so stand your ground. 
Jesus hasn’t changed, His Word to you hasn’t changed, this attack against you, has positioned you for TENFOLD INCREASE (restoration, increase of anointing, breakthrough etc) in 2017.”


Last night I had a vision, from Father.I saw a map, an old map of the USA. It looked like it was cut out of old wood, with old faded American flag colors on it.

Then I saw the word, RESTORATION in capitals come out from the map and stayed on the map in bright gold / yellow colors. The type of colors you see from a morning winter sun beaming in your house, that warm, soft glow.

I felt such a peace when I saw it.
I believe Father God is saying that He is getting ready to restore America back to it’s original roots, of love and dependence upon God alone.

I’m not great with history, but the English left England because of religious persecution in search of a new land. When they did that they found America. During that time they relied heavily upon God alone, and sought to follow His Will.

The vision I believe represents America going back (old paint of the American flag represents going back, old), to those roots America was founded on.
How? I don’t know. The road could be difficult, challenging, and seemingly hopeless. But when we allow the necessary changes to take place, no matter how challenging, the end results will outweigh the difficulties.

Example: child birth is not always a pleasant experience. With out first Son I was in labor for 23 hours. But in the end, we had (and have) a beautiful healthy Son, and the pain was not even remembered.

The “birth” of this vision may be “heavy labor”, but the rewards will be worth it. 🙂
Never give up. Never allow the enemy convince you that ANYTHING with God is impossible or hopeless. Keep pressing into Him! Keep seeking His Will above your own! Keep loving Him and RECEIVING HIS LOVE! The enemy will try to convince you that God, THE GOD OF LOVE, 1 John 4:8, doesn’t love you and has rejected you. Don’t EVER believe that lie! God doesn’t love him, the enemy, Satan, NOT you! Never forget that! ❤️