Our heater went out early morning yesterday. Thankfully we have a wood burning fireplace, and lots of chopped wood! As I was watching the wood burning, a thought came to me:
Trees produce wood for us to burn and keep warm, as well as cook over, for protection, and to give light in the dark.

As trees are growing they produce shade, food, multiple seeds to grow more, homes for animals, they take our carbon dioxide that we breathe out and produce oxygen.

We take the tree and cut it to make wood for homes, (flooring, roof, decoration, doors, etc), furniture, paper (books, paper towels, toilet paper, cups, plates, the outside of Sheetrock, signs, packaging, etc), boats, airplanes, bridges, stairs, animals and bugs use it to build nests, dens, etc. 

When rotting it creates better soil for other plants.

If Father God purposely made one plant to give us so much,… how much better is Father God Himself towards us?
Think about it.