How far are you willing to go?

We call Him Lord, but do we treat Him as Lord?
For months now, I have been thinking about the Lordship of Jesus in my life.

I read the book, “Azusa Street” by Frank Bartleman, well, I have almost finished it. I could only read so much at a time. The information was so,.. rich, it took days to ‘digest’, and I’m still ‘digesting’ it. 

It’s that information that you never got in Church, or from that fellow Christian. It’s that information that made you realize how how much of a babe in Christ you truly are, after feeling that you were somewhat mature in Him.

It’s that, ‘reality check’,… that humbling we all desperately need, but few search out and accept.

In the book, “Azusa Street”, the author talked of people being so completely submitted, ‘swept away’ if you will, in Jesus, that it almost seems unreal,… almost.

It was revealing a level of love, dependence, and submission to Jesus that I had never heard of before.

Miracles, signs, wonders,… His Presence felt two blocks away, instant healing, LOVE like no other,…. I want that. 

No, I NEED HIM like that!
What it revealed to me is how little I honestly know, and how far I truly am from KNOWING Jesus. There’s knowing about Him,… and then there is KNOWING HIM like Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, etc. Huge difference!

I can’t stand the thought of just being a Christian who has accepted Jesus as Lord, but that’s it. 

I want to see His fruit in me! I want His Voice to speak through me! I want to feel with His heart! I want to see people as He does, with unreserved LOVE! I want to do as I see Him do! I want people to see Him, not me, in me.

Does that make sense?
When I accepted Jesus into my life, I was taught about how He loved me, but the emphasis was on what He would do for me. “Just pray according to this Scripture, and God will bless you with it!”…. “Just speak by faith for it, and God will provide it for you!”… “You have authority and power! Command it!”… “Give your Tithes and Offerings and God will bless you financially!”….
Is God an ATM, or GOD?

Is He here as a gene who puffs out of something to meet OUR requests every time we rub ‘the lamp’ as prayer?

Is He our ‘sugar daddy’?

Is He here just to meet our needs and wants?
Is God here to bless MY Ministry, MY bank account, MY business, MY life, MY lusts, MY pride, MY car, MY status, MY abilities, MY wisdom, MY body, MY….
Aren’t we supposed to be submitted to God, and not the other way around?

Don’t we call Him Lord? But we have been taught to act as if we are lord.

Do we even know what that word means, ‘Lord’?
According to Bible Study Tools the meaning of the word, ‘Lord’ is:
“Heb. ‘adon, means one possessed of absolute control. It denotes a master, as of slaves ( Genesis 24:14 Genesis 24:27 ), or a ruler of his subjects ( 45:8 ), or a husband, as lord of his wife ( 18:12 ). 

The old plural form of this Hebrew word is ‘adonai . From a superstitious reverence for the name “Jehovah,” the Jews, in reading their Scriptures, whenever that name occurred, always pronounced it ‘Adonai”
“Heb. ba’al, a master, as having domination. This word is applied to human relations, as that of husband, to persons skilled in some art or profession, and to heathen deities. “The men of Shechem,” literally “the baals of Shechem” ( Judges 9:2 Judges 9:3 ). These were the Israelite inhabitants who had reduced the Canaanites to a condition of vassalage ( Joshua 16:10 ; 17:13 ).”

(See link:
Do we treat Him as Master, or as our Ruler? Do we truly reverence Him?



1. a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration. 

2. the outward manifestation of this feeling: to pay reverence.

3. a gesture indicative of deep respect; an obeisance, bow, or curtsy. 

4. the state of being revered. 

5. (initial capital letter) a title used in addressing or mentioning a member of the clergy (usually preceded by your or his ). 
—verb (used with object), rev·er·enced, rev·er·enc·ing.

1. to regard or treat with reverence; venerate: One should reverence God and His laws.
So do we honestly, treat Jesus as Lord with pleasing Him and His agenda, or do we treat Him as if He is here to meet OUR needs?
Do we TRULY love God with all of out heart, soul and mind? Or do we honestly love ourselves more than God? (God’s going to bless MY ministry,… MY business,… MY new Christian book,…)
Do we pray and ask Him what is on His heart and pray according to that, or do we pray that He meet OUR needs, wants, desires, lusts, etc.?
Do we pray for OTHERS to be healed, delivered, set free, and to be blessed? Do we SELFLESSLY bless others unconditionally, even if we are struggling ourselves, WHOLE HEARTEDLY with a glad heart?
These are some tough questions, but they are needed to be addressed. 

You can never grow without being challenged.
I asked The Lord one day, why I seem to be so scrutinized by Him. Why do I seem to have so much refining placed on my by Him?

He answered me, and told me to look at the Military. When I was in, I went through boot camp, where we learned the basics of the Military, how to stand, how to salute, how to march, how to wear our uniform properly, how to identify ranks, etc.From there we went to our “A School”, to learn our trade, or job for the Military. From there we went to our commands, and performed our jobs, while still learning of course.

But then, you have the Special Forces, such as Navy SEALS. They volunteer for the toughest job, and go through the most demanding, the most physically and mentally challenging,… the most refined and scrutinized training in BUDS out of all the rest.

The average drop out rate is 60%!

Their training is so hard, because they need to be the best. They need to prove that they won’t quit, that they won’t give up, no matter how hard it gets, physically or mentally. They need to be dedicated, honorable, trustworthy, and diligent in what they do.

The point Jesus was making, is that there are a lot of Christians. Some have signed on the ‘dotted line’, calling Him Lord, but that’s it. Some have done that, and moved forward to “boot camp”, but have never graduated because they don’t want to comply with the basics of Christianity. Some have graduated and have pursued their “A School” to become what The Lord has called them to do,… as best THEY can. Then you have those who want to go deeper with Him, at all costs. They want to KNOW HIM, live in His Presence, commune (talk with Him) all the time as their vital need, get His Orders, and carry them out EXACTLY as He says or shows them. This takes great refining, discipline, a letting go of self, total commitment to Him and absolute dependence upon Him.



submitted to Him, The Trinity, The King of kings and Lord of lords alone.
These are the “Spiritual Snipers”, the ones that the enemy is aware of, and fears the most. Because they don’t come in blazing, with thousands,… but they are the hidden ones that call no attention to themselves, but cause the most devastation.

Why? Because they are completely committed and submitted to God and His Will, not their own. They only say what He tells them to say, and they only do what He tells them, or shows them to do. 

They fast and pray, they selflessly, they forgive quickly, and refuse to hate any person. They know who the real enemy is, which is satan and his demonic urchins only.

They war in the spirit, and not against flesh and blood.

They are willing to let their desires go, to fulfill His desires.
So the question to you is, how far are you willing to go for God? How much of your SELF are you willing to let go of, for more of Him?
The more you let go of your SELF the more of He can fill you with Himself!
Books to deepen your relationship with God:

The Bait Of Satan, by John Brevere,

Drawing Near, by John Brevere,

The Secret Of The Stairs, by Wade E Taylor,

Waterspouts Of Glory, by Wade E Taylor,

Celebration Of Discipline, by Richard J. Foster
These are just a few of my favorites to get you started.