Years ago I was going through some trying times. I was tired, felt worn out,… exhausted. I had prayed. I had studied. I had worshipped. But as the battle went on, and on, and ON over a three year period,… with no end in sight I got tired.I remember having a dream one night.

I was in a restaurant. I could only see one other table because a light was directly above it. It was completely dark, only the other table for two that was empty, and the table I was at had light.

At my table for about four people, my head was on the menu that was on the table! I was that exhausted that I couldn’t even lift up my head to read it! I remember the water waiting for me to order after the other two people at my table had ordered. I had no idea what was on the menu, and feeling embarrassed, I just said something like, “Macaroni and cheese”.

The people at my table were laughing and talking, enjoying their time. And I just had my head laying on the table, exhausted and embarrassed.

Suddenly, I was at the other table for two! My head was still on the table, but there was someone else at the table with me. The person started singing praises to God in worship! I recognized his voice, it was Carman! (An 80’s and 90’s Christian singer)

As he sang, I began to feel better! I started to have more energy, strength, and alertness. I started to lift my head until I was sitting normally, just watching Carman whole heartedly singing praises to God! I was enjoying his singing, smiling, watching intently. Suddenly, there was a basket of fresh baked rolls at my feet. I remember taking the basket.
The point? Father was telling me that resting in His presence through singing praises, Worshipping Him, restores us! When we Worship Him, we come into His Presence! And He IS Life! (John 14:6)

The more we come into His presence, through Worship, the more Life comes to our bodies and minds! So when you feel weary, broke down, exhausted, mentally or physically, WORSHIP HIM! Just love on Him. 🙂

When life, “blows up”.

After going through a difficult time in 2013,… after my Family’s and my life “blew up”, I was devastated.I had prayed for three YEARS before it, knowing it was coming, seeking God for help.

Three years of all day praying and getting closer to Him, in fact I became closer to Him than I ever have! It’s amazing what desperation will produce.

Our world, still blew up,… shattered.

Tears, our kids breaking down in front of their schools, sobbing, frightened… it was bad.

I became quiet, confused, and feeling abandoned by God.
About a year later He was still gently, lovingly, drawing me back to Himself. I did love Him, and do. That will never change! But that day He had me read the book of Job.

I read it,… and it was exactly what I was feeling inside. The confusion, the pain, the feeling of rejection, faith shattered.

Every page was like TORTURE to me. It was re-opening the wounds and distrust. I HATED reading that book,… hated it.

It was, (and is) hard to understand. Why did Job have to go through all of that?? Why didn’t You intervene?
My hurt, confusion, and distrust have subsided since then, but there is still scars. I still have trouble with faith in that area (that blew up).
Today I was reading a book by Bob Sorge called, “Unrelenting Prayer”. I decided to look him up, and the first thing that came up was this video.
After watching it,… I feel like Jobe at the end, repenting. :*)

Choose whom you will serve.

Modern comforts are nice, but they are not The Comforter.

A Doctor is good, but they are not The Great Physician.

A counselor is good, but they are not The Counselor, full of Wisdom and Revelation Knowledge.

A boss is good, but they are not Jehovah Jireh, my Provider.

Eating feasts during holidays is good, but they are not The Bread of Life.

Drinking the best is nice, but they cannot compare to The River of Living Water.

Friends and Family are good, but You are The One who will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

Police are good, but You are our Strong Tower, and You hide us in the pinions of Your Wings.
You and Your Presence, Father, outweighs all else.