What a Word through Lana Vawser this morning!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lana Vawser
Tonight I had a vision where I saw the Lord standing in front of houses of His people and He was dressed as a mighty warrior. Instantly I heard the words “DREAD CHAMPION”.
I saw Him draw a line in the sand in front of the houses of many of God’s people and instantly I knew in the atmosphere that in the ‘crossover’ into 2017, the last THREE days, many have been assaulted. There has been some significant “hits” against some of God’s people, and the sense surrounded me that these “HITS” have caused tremendous FEAR for many of them. 
When I saw Him draw the line in the sand the words boomed all around me “ENOUGH!!!!” The atmosphere so filled with the protection, vindication and the One who fights for us. 
Such a certainty in the spirit that it ENDS HERE. It will NOT continue and instead of dread and fear that has been brought into many houses in the very few days of 2017, the Lord is bringing HOPE and PEACE that ALL IS WELL and WILL BE WELL.
Jeremiah 20:11

But God, a most fierce warrior, is at my side.

    Those who are after me will be sent sprawling—

Slapstick buffoons falling all over themselves,

    a spectacle of humiliation no one will ever forget. (MSG)
As the Lord stood there in defense of His people, I saw Him begin to laugh and laugh. What the enemy brought for the harm and destruction of God’s people, the Lord is now turning it and He is releasing TENFOLD INCREASE to them in this season. This assault as hard as it has been for many, it has brought you greater INCREASE in this season. God is adding MORE to you for the assault and hardship the enemy has brought. HE is sending the ENEMY SPRAWLING!!!! The enemy is going to trip over the very things that he has used to try and trip you up. God will publicly humiliate the enemy in your life through the INCREASE He will release. 
Do not allow what many of you have walked in the last few days be an ‘indicator’ of 2017 and believing the lies that “things haven’t changed nor will they”. The EXACT OPPOSITE is true! 
BECAUSE of what you are stepping into in 2017, as this is a year of greater breakthrough and change, the enemy is scared, He is scared of the manifested breakthrough of the promises of God, so stand your ground. 
Jesus hasn’t changed, His Word to you hasn’t changed, this attack against you, has positioned you for TENFOLD INCREASE (restoration, increase of anointing, breakthrough etc) in 2017.”

Laugh your way into 2017!

A Word through Lana Vawser, LAUGH YOUR WAY INTO 2017!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Lana Vawser
There has been SIGNIFICANT resistance and attack that many are facing this week. As I sat with the Lord through the STORM that has been happening in the spirit for many this week, I heard the Lord say “THE RESISTANCE IS ABOUT THE RELEASING RUSHING RECOMPENSE.” 
RECOMPENSE: To compensate, repay, reimburse, reward for loss, harm or effort made (Definition taken from Google) 
The body of Christ have entered into a MAJOR TRANSITION point seeing the RELEASING OF RUSHING RECOMPENSE. God is RESTORING, He is REPAYING His people and releasing divine REIMBURSEMENT for all the enemy has stolen, killed and destroyed. 
This week in particular there has been SO MUCH activity in the spirit and I have seen the enemy really “upping his antics”, but the Lord wants us to pay him NO ATTENTION. Keep your eyes on Jesus and know that the RUSHING RELEASE of RECOMPENSE is CRASHING into your life. 
Where the enemy has really trespassed, the Lord is giving you back double portions in your land of inheritance. You are going to “take back your land” in double portions. 
I have really felt the Lord highlighting these last few days before 2016 comes to a close. Keep your eyes peeled, for there will be demonstrations that have already begun and will increase of significant RESTORATION, RECOMPENSE and the REIMBURSEMENT of heaven.
These attacks that have come against many of God’s people this week have been so hard and I saw LOTS of tears and struggle/grief and pain this week. I want to encourage you there is a TURNING ON THE MOURNING!!! EXPECT encounters with His heart that is going to release JOY, JOY, JOY!!!!!! 
You will SEE through the LENSE OF JOY!!!!!! 
I decree over you where there has been tears of mourning, especially this week, your next set of tears will be tears of JOY in PROPORTIONS you have never experienced before as you seek the heart of Jesus. JOY is going to SUDDENLY manifest all around you.
I had a vision where I saw Jesus laughing with ALL the angels of heaven….. SUCH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
The LAUGH OF THE VICTORIOUS ONE is manifesting in your life for all the enemy has put you through. The enemy is being reminded by Jesus and the people of God arising in the awakening of their authority that he has ALREADY LOST!!!! 
I heard the Lord say “BE INTENTIONAL TO LAUGH LEADING UP TO THE CROSSOVER AND INTO 2017”. I watched the people of God all across the body of Christ, laughing, even when they didn’t feel like it and I saw the laughter releasing an IMPARTATION of joy, rising expectations of HOPE, prophetic insight being released and excitement for 2017. 
You INTENTIONAL LAUGHTER leading into 2017 is bringing a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT in the Spirit, setting the stage for greater manifested victory in your life in 2017. 
Let’s all join together with Jesus and the angels and LAUGH!!!!

Abide in His Presence!

Another wonderful Word from Father God, spoken through Lana Vawser, who I believe is a Prophet.

Lana Vawser 

This morning I felt the Lord saying that He is turning the “TRYING” into “ABIDING”. 
The Lord has been speaking to me a lot lately about how He is rooting out striving in the hearts and souls of His people in areas it is manifesting from gifting, to ministry, to anxiety, to performance etc. There is an awakening and revival of His love that is healing the hurting heart and the wounded soul where striving has found its home. 
This morning I felt the Lord saying that we are entering such a deep rest in His love this year, it is unlike anything we have known before. The key is and always is – our intimacy with Jesus! 
Your simple positioning before Him in intimacy in this season is going to see the Spirit of God uproot any areas of your heart and soul that may be causing these cycles of striving, anxiety and perfectionism. The Lord is breaking measuring sticks with His love that many are using to measure whether they “measure up”. 
I had a vision where I saw Jesus breaking those measuring sticks. He took His people by the hand, one by one and He said “This is the measuring stick” and before them I saw THE CROSS!!!! 
Such love surrounded me… Jesus spoke again “You are enough! You were enough! Not because of what you do but because of WHO YOU ARE!!!! You are Mine!!!! You measure up because of My great love for you!!! I am breaking off and healing the weariness that has come over many of you through this striving. You do not need to prove yourself! You are valued and dearly loved! You are accepted and not rejected!!! I delight in you!! I love you!!!”
“The greatest refreshment, strengthening, vision, fruitfulness and breakthrough is beginning to happen in your life and will explode with great momentum FROM the place of being and resting in My love! Many of you have been looking at the “rest” as a physical thing, living lives that aren’t busy, intentionality with your time and alignment and boundaries in this season is crucial, but I am talking about a deeper rest. The rest of your heart, the rest of your soul and of your mind. A REST in My love that secures even deeper your identity! The rest of My love that is stopping the tormenting, racing thoughts and lies and teaching you to renew your mind with My Word and in My love. It is happening and as you continue to draw deeper into the place of intimacy with Me it is going to blossom and explode like never before. More fruitfulness, favour, acceleratory breakthrough, opportunity, power and flow of My Spirit is coming to you from this place of deep, deep rest. This is your season to not only be REVEALED but this is your season to be HEALED. Yes, you will be revealed to the world in this season of great favour and with greater opportunities and positioning, but your heart and soul must be healed. I am soothing and healing you with My love! I am quieting you with My love! (Zephaniah 3:17) I am arising you with My love! I am awakening you with My love! I am unravelling you in the most glorious way with My love, so YOU can come forth!!!” 
I saw butterflies breaking forth everywhere in this vision. New life, transformation and flight! I saw Jesus admiring these beautiful butterflies, His eyes filled with such joy. He was beaming! He spoke again “It is in My love, the cocoon of intimacy with Me, that you are all finding your wings!!! You are coming through this process as you give me your YES and obey Me, healed of this trying, this striving, this performance, awakened to your OWN SONG! The expression, message and gifting I have placed with each of you that is uniquely different! Different “songs” are going to rise up all across the world in accelerated ways in this season. The “songs” being the life message, the gifting, the anointing I have given you, and you will sing your own song with confidence in My love and not comparison. You will see what you carry is powerful, beautiful and so needed. The world is waiting for YOU to take your place in and through your encounters with Me. Do not miss your turn, do not miss your time, through comparison, striving, insecurity, fear, intimidation or competition. Come deeper into the rest of My love! Ask Me to take you deeper! Invite Me! Give Me your YES and I will do the rest!” 
I saw the Lord sitting on a mountain top that was so beautiful! Green grass all around, colourful flowers blooming everywhere, the sun shining brightly and He called His people to come and sit with Him. I watched as many, many, many people came and sat with Him. 
He spoke “Because of wounded souls, there is a lot of TRYING going on amongst My people. Come deeper and live in Hebrews 4. I will awaken in you a greater revelation of the FAITH-FILLED LIFE rooted in Me and My love and it will see doubt washed away. You will see your greatest days of encounter, breakthrough, fruitfulness and promotion come upon you, from the glorious place of ABIDING in Me!! I am wooing you with My love. Deeper and deeper still. Get ready to be undone by My love in the most glorious way!” 
“So we conclude that there is still a full and complete “rest” waiting for believers to experience. As we enter into God’s faith-rest life we cease from our own works, just as God celebrates his finished works and rests in them. So then we must give our all and be eager to experience this faith-rest life, so that no one falls short by following the same pattern of doubt and unbelief.” – Hebrews 4:9-11 (The Passion Translation)

America, don’t give up!

Such a great Word through Lana Vawser!

It’s time to stand in the gap for America, and the world, children of The Most High God!!


It’s all about RELATIONSHIP.

This is an EXCELLENT video on falling in love with Jesus, whole heartedly. About worshiping Him, and about vital RELATIONSHIP with Him. 🙂

Psalms 27

A few books on how to have a relationship with Father God are:

“Desperately Deep” by Lana Vawser, “The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor, and “Drawing Near” by John Brevere. 🙂