A Call To Repentance

This is a much needed subject. And this is going to be an excellent book.



America, don’t give up!

Such a great Word through Lana Vawser!

It’s time to stand in the gap for America, and the world, children of The Most High God!!


The vital relationship.

“Like the full moon that draws clearer and nearer to our vision as we continue to steadfastly gaze at it, so Jesus appears more real to our souls as we continue to contemplate Him. We need a closer, personal, vital relationship, acquaintance, and communion with God. Only the man who lives in fellowship with divine reality can be used to call the people to God.”Excerpt from the book “Azusa Street”, by Frank Bartleman.
*An excellent book on removing offenses, hurts and wounds that hinder a vital relationship with God is called, “The Bait Of Satan” by John Brevere.

*An excellent book on how to have a vital relationship with God is, “The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor
And the last two books I get extra copies of to give to people truly desiring a deeper relationship with Him. Feel free to contact me for a copy. It’s too important to not help others seeking more of God. 🙂


Prayer & Fasting

I’ve recently been searching for books on prayer and fasting. My last book that I wrote about IS truly a gem. 

But I just recently also found another good book, that is also on a PDF online! If you want to deepen your relationship with Father, take a look. 🙂

Book title, “Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting” by Derek Prince.

PDF link: http://servantofmessiah.org/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/12/Shaping-History-Through-Prayer-and-Fasting-Derek-Prince.pdf 

A little treasure.

I’m like a little kid in a Candy shop!! In my search for information on Fasting, I stumbled upon a man named William Bramwell from the 18th century.Trying to find any books on this man was very difficult.

And then, I stumbled upon this little treasure on eBay! It just arrived today. The front cover and back aren’t even attached, and the pages are cracked and brittle and the price was heafty. But the information contained within on fasting and prayer,… PRICELESS. 🙂


Father’s Heart.

Good morning! This Scripture was on my mind this morning:
Psalm 139:17-18 AMP

“17 How precious and weighty also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!

18 If I could count them, they would be more in number than the sand. When I awoke, [could I count to the end] I would still be with you.”
Father’s thoughts of you are so precious, important and large in number that if you could count them they would be more than every grain of sand!
Think about it. 🙂

The Ministry of Reconciliation!

Good morning everyone!I’m so excited, I have had the opportunity to stock up on books that will help people develop a very close RELATIONSHIP with Father God! 

The word is spreading and people are asking for them. What a blessing to be able to do this!

This is The Ministry of Reconciliation! Letting people get to KNOW The Father’s selfless Love towards His creation,.. people.
If anyone would like prayer for any reason, please feel free to inbox me, or email me at snowchicka98@gmail. 🙂

The Character Of God.

If I could sum up the Character of Father God in few words, it would be:To Love, and to be Loved.
And since that is the Character of God, guess what He expects our character to be?…

To love God, to love others, and to be loved by Him.

And when we love others as He has loved us, they in turn, will not be able to do anything but fall in love with Father God Himself! Then, they will take on His Character,…To love God, to love others, and to be loved by Him.
This is in essence, Discipleship! 🙂

See Matthew 22:35-40.