Nothing is impossible!

Sadly there is so much fear running rampant right now with the coronavirus. People are scared, unsure, and worried.

But I wanted to remind everyone, that our God is The God of the impossible! He hasn’t stepped off His throne, or had His Authority taken. His Word still remains as powerful as it did in the days of The Bible. He never changes!

Turn back to Him, with weeping, with mourning, with fasting. Come close to Him and He will come close to you! Ask for forgiveness of your sin and remember the costly price JESUS The Christ paid to reconcile us back to Him! He LOVES US so much. ❤️❤️❤️ There is POWER in His Blood,… never forget that, (Revelation 12:11)!

Suggested reading: Read Joel 2, “The Bait Of Satan” by John Brevere, “The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor, “Bought With Blood” by Derek Prince, “The Prayer Of Protection” by Joseph Prince and “Fasting” by Jentezen Franklin.



Could you imagine the impact, if America would passionately, sing this song in our hearts together as One Nation? Democrats, Republicans, Lutheran, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Man, Woman, Black, White, Red, Tan, PURPLE…. one heart before God The Father, laying aside all of our differences and becoming ONE BODY OF CHRIST.

Pray For America!

PRAY FOR AMERICA!I truly believe these next three days before the election are crucial. I would ask that you consider praying and fasting through the election. A fast can be abstaining from tv, movies, internet entertainment. It can be abstaining from all sweets. It can be abstaining from shopping. It can and should be abstaining from anything that draws you away from God, in your thinking, in your speech, in your actions. Whatever you can do, please set aside a fast and dedicate that time to praying for our Nation.

There is a lot going on in the spirit concerning this election. Prayers against terrorism, confusion, fear, passiveness, laziness, and perversion of the truth is important.

Here are some prayers for our Nation from John Eckhardt’s book, “Fasting For Breakthrough & Deliverance”. 

Thank you for standing with Father God, Jesus The Christ, and The Holy Spirit in praying for our Nation.

“… and I will heal their land.”

“… and I will heal their land.”
A lot of us feel the United States is going through some horrible things. 

First off, we certainly do not feel or act United at all. We have become so divided, self centered and broken that we barely seem to resemble The United States.

Confusion, rebellion, selfishness, oppression and idols have seem to take over. 

Words like “compassion”, “forgiveness” and “Truth”, let alone “Jesus The Christ” are almost repulsive and offensive to many.

Truth have been portrayed as lies, and lies have become portrayed as truth, just as right is now wrong, and wrong is now right.
But don’t give up, because there is a solution.

Our solution does not come from another leader. It won’t come from more revenue. It won’t come from a stronger Military. Our solution will not come from any person, period.

Our solution comes from Father God Almighty Himself, and He has told us how to come before Him for this matter.
Derek Prince says it so well:
By Derek Prince, Ministries.
Quote from the audio message, “A Call To Corporate Fasting.” By Derek Prince.
“Let me give you a favorite verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14. This is a promise. I’m not going into the background. It’s a promise given by God. I believe that to apply it to this situation is scriptural and legitimate, but I’m not going to take time to establish all that. Second Chronicles 7:14:

“If . . . My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

There’s an “if.” God says, “It depends on what My people do.” It says, “My people who are called by My name.” The Hebrew says literally, “Upon whom My name is called.” I believe that applies to us as Christians. Why are we Christians? Because the name of Christ is called upon us.
There are actually seven sections to that verse. There are four things that God requires His people to do and then there are three things that God says He will do in response. The four things that God asks His people to do are to humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. On that basis, God says, “I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin—that’s the sin of My people—and I will heal their land.” It seems to me that’s where it’s at. We have talked a great deal about the healing of this land. God says there is a way. It depends on what My people do. If My people will do the four things, I’ll do the three things.” – Derek Prince
We need to be united. We need to humble ourselves before Father God. We need to desperately seek His Face through prayer and fasting.

This is the ONLY WAY America can truly become great again, through our submission to Father’s Will.
Suggested reading: “The Hidden Power Of Prayer & Fasting” by Mahesh Chavda.

A Word from Father.

A Word from Father.10/11/16
“Tell My people that I love them. That I love ALL people and it is not My desire that they should perish.

I want to restore the United States of America to her deep roots in Me again, and I will wipe every tear from her eyes.

My love is the boat that will carry My people to safety.

Trust Me. Rely on Me alone. Seek My face as your vital need, and I shall reward you in the open.

I shall cover you with My Glory, My Presence, My love. 

You will be like a light to the world for all to see and hear! My Voice shall be your voice. My actions shall be your actions because of My Holy Spirit dwelling within you. And you shall go forth as My dreaded champions after My Holy Spirit has filled you, and the enemy’s knees will weaken and bang together in terror of you because of My Glory upon you!

His face shall become pale at your name, and he and his forces shall run in terror at the thought of you pleading My Blood and readying yourself for battle! For I AM with you, where ever you go!

Lean on Me alone, let Me lead you, follow Me! For My path is easy and My burden light!

Put your trust and faith into no man. For I alone am God, who is like Me? Can a man create a planet just from speaking? Can a man raise the dead back to life days later? Can a man control the weather? Can a man form a child within it’s Mother’s womb? I can, and I do!
Lean into Me. Rely on Me. Focus on Me. Pray for My Wisdom. Pray for the sins of your Nation, cry out to Me and I will deliver you!

For My love for you is more numerous than all the grains of sand in the World and more vast than all the stars in the Universe.

Learn from Me, for I AM your Teacher, Counselor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby and Sure Reward.

KNOW ME and My love for you, and you will never doubt Me, My Goodness, My Mercy, My Healing, My Truth, My Abundance again.”
Suggested reading: “The Bait Of Satan” by John Brevere,

“The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor.


Last night I had a vision, from Father.I saw a map, an old map of the USA. It looked like it was cut out of old wood, with old faded American flag colors on it.

Then I saw the word, RESTORATION in capitals come out from the map and stayed on the map in bright gold / yellow colors. The type of colors you see from a morning winter sun beaming in your house, that warm, soft glow.

I felt such a peace when I saw it.
I believe Father God is saying that He is getting ready to restore America back to it’s original roots, of love and dependence upon God alone.

I’m not great with history, but the English left England because of religious persecution in search of a new land. When they did that they found America. During that time they relied heavily upon God alone, and sought to follow His Will.

The vision I believe represents America going back (old paint of the American flag represents going back, old), to those roots America was founded on.
How? I don’t know. The road could be difficult, challenging, and seemingly hopeless. But when we allow the necessary changes to take place, no matter how challenging, the end results will outweigh the difficulties.

Example: child birth is not always a pleasant experience. With out first Son I was in labor for 23 hours. But in the end, we had (and have) a beautiful healthy Son, and the pain was not even remembered.

The “birth” of this vision may be “heavy labor”, but the rewards will be worth it. 🙂
Never give up. Never allow the enemy convince you that ANYTHING with God is impossible or hopeless. Keep pressing into Him! Keep seeking His Will above your own! Keep loving Him and RECEIVING HIS LOVE! The enemy will try to convince you that God, THE GOD OF LOVE, 1 John 4:8, doesn’t love you and has rejected you. Don’t EVER believe that lie! God doesn’t love him, the enemy, Satan, NOT you! Never forget that! ❤️

September 11.

My heart goes out to all who died on September 11, and their Families.There was a great loss that day, and the Families are still hurting. 

I would ask that everyone take some time out today and pray for the Families who lost their Mom or Dad, or Daughter or Son, or Brother or Sister that day.

Pray that we can forgive the terrorists, and that the Families can too.

Pray for safety in America.
To the Watchmen: pray against any terrorist attack, drug usage, pornography, witchcraft, idols, curses, idol of self. 

Pray for repentance and that America’s heart and minds would be turned back to Father God, Jesus The Christ and The Holy Spirit again.

Pray and release God the Father’s peace, love, strength, Wisdom, joy, hope, and the Blessings over America.

Keep praying, stay humble and walk in love.


Wake up America!

A Word I received from Father early this morning, concerning America:
“My heart is for America. But My people have been lulled to sleep when they should be awake, alert and active in prayer and worship. Or they are distracted by the pleasures or problems of life.

The enemy is hard at work to take and keep your eyes off of Me and your ears closed to My Words!
There is a great shaking,… a great shaking, coming to you America. This is a desperate time for you. 

You MUST wake up! You must press into Me with all your heart, with ok your mind, with ok your spirit!

Stay alert, stay focused on Me, listen for Me, for I AM Wisdom. I will help you in your time of need!

Does the Military train their Soldiers in the war? No! They are trained BEFORE they do battle to defend their Country.

You, My Children, have been distracted by sleep or entertainment, or problems instead of learning how to fight our enemy!

Don’t the farmers feed their pigs well, give them plenty of water and let them get big,… just to slaughter them? 

This is the plan of the enemy! Wake up! Pleasures are not always a good thing! 

Training takes work and is uncomfortable, but you will have strategy, ability, rank and My Strength to battle and win if you are willing and obedient to My training.

Stay alert! Stay active in Me. Listen for My orders, for My Wisdom and Counsel, and I will be The Rock that you will stand firm on in your time of need.

There will be a thousand problems going on around you, and you will be able to laugh at the face of it and say, “What is too hard for my God?”
Don’t fall sleep when you are supposed to be awake, prying and worshiping Me, for in the early hours, that is where you will find Me (Proverbs 8:17). In the Secret Place, that is where, I, Wisdom, will tell you things and give you strategy, hope and solutions.
Worship is a weapon! Don’t be fooled! Prayer is communication with Me. You need to hear My Voice, and seek My face as your vital need (Psalms 91, Psalms 31:20, Psalms 27:8).

Wake up America, so that the enemy does not slaughter you as the farmer does to the fattened pig in due season!
Seek Me, for I love you. Seek Me, with all of your heart, mind, spirit and strength, and you will find Me.

I am NEVER far from you.

Seek Me.”
Word from August 8, 2016

America, don’t give up!

Such a great Word through Lana Vawser!

It’s time to stand in the gap for America, and the world, children of The Most High God!!


Letting go of “me”.

“To seek the fulfillment of ourselves in God—that is, to seek only the blessings and refreshing of God, but not seek God for himself—this type of spirituality is the enemy of the cross of Christ.—ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS”
Excerpt From: Dr. Michael L. Brown. “The Fire That Never Sleeps.” Destiny Image Publishers, 2015-05-23. iBooks.

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