It isn’t about how hard you get hit…

I’m literally in tears.
In 2013 our Family suffered a foreclosure. The contents of our house, put outside and the locks changed. No family close by, and no one offered to take us in. We took as much as we could and put it into storage, and lived out of a hotel / motel trying to piece things back together.
Before that in 2010, my Husband’s great job got a new boss,… one that would save the company money. My Husband was soon afterwards told that there was no work, and our His hours down to FOUR HOURS A WEEK. There was plenty of work, but companies find the highest paid employees and starve them out, so they don’t have to pay unemployment. 

My Husband looked for other work, but it was hit and miss.

I knew we were in trouble. I sought Father God concerning this financial crisis. For THREE YEARS, I prayed, earnestly. I sought Him and got closer than ever to Him than I had ever gotten before. All day, I prayed, studied, worshipped, and depended upon Him.

My relationship with Him became increasingly intimate and strong.
Then, the foreclosure came.

I was devastated. My faith was shaken. My trust was shaken. My relationship was shaken.

But,… I never gave up completely. How could I after getting so close and hearing Him so clearly? 
Before all of that, in about 2012, I had an opened eye vision while I was in my kitchen. I was was in the same kitchen, but in a different area, chopping vegetables. I remember looking out the window, seeing the bright blue sky, and the dark green leaves on the trees. I knew I had just gone grocery shopping and I could buy anything I wanted without any concern of cost! Then I looked up and said, “Oh God, it feels so good to be debt free!” and then I just started laughing, and laughing and laughing until I came out of the vision laughing! I knew in the vision that the house was even paid off!
Present day: Trusting The Lord for financial provision has been difficult for me since then. It’s not His fault. I understand so much more of why we go through things like this since a friend on here mentioned a book called, “VISIONS FROM HEAVEN” by Wendy Alec, and my reading it. 

But with no extra money saved, getting back into a house has seemed,… nearly impossible.

There is one house out here that I LOVE. We went to the open house last year, since we just happened to be out. It’s everything I have ever wanted in a house! Solid wood doors, trim, baseboards! Five to six bedrooms (no more guests sleeping on the couch), a fireplace, island, a farmhouse sink, tons of windows for lots of beautiful sunlight streaming in! Gas industrial stove, large extra oven, 6,000 sq ft on ten acres of beautiful trees acreage surrounded by a dirt road (I love it) and,… cows. Stonework on the outside and a pierce. And a bonus,… it has a saltwater pool.

It just fits me. It’s like someone took my dream house out of my head and built it.
The Lord has been telling me, “Fast and contend for your house!”

He has had to tell me this more than once. 

Finally today I said, “Lord, how do I contend for this house? Help me to trust You for this!”

So I felt I needed to look up the word “Contend”. 
Contend: verb (used without object) 

1. to struggle in opposition: to contend with the enemy for control of the port.

2. to strive in rivalry; compete; vie: to contend for first prize.

3. to strive in debate; dispute earnestly: to contend against falsehood.
—verb (used with object) 

1. to assert or maintain earnestly: He contended that taxes were too high.
Then, (the tears part), I was looking on Facebook today and the photo came up of Rockey. Read the words.

Then, another ad came up of the same, quote on a t-shirt.
Not a coincidence.
He is reminding me of my 40 day fast, when I prayed for three hours straight, for the other family’s children to not be taken from them by CPS. I prayed until I felt a sudden breakthrough. CPS never came to take them!

That is contending.
As I look up, I see our painting of “Beauty for ashes” Isaiah 61:3.
Can I contend?…

Yes I can.

Will I contend?…


Now I am held accountable, by Father and you because you read this! 🙂
Now, will you contend for whatever is distressing you?
Suggested reading, “Visions From Heaven” by Wendy Alec, “The Hidden Power Of Prayer & Fasting”, by Mahesh Chavda, “The Hidden Power Of Watching & Praying” by Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, “The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor.


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