Pray For America!

PRAY FOR AMERICA!I truly believe these next three days before the election are crucial. I would ask that you consider praying and fasting through the election. A fast can be abstaining from tv, movies, internet entertainment. It can be abstaining from all sweets. It can be abstaining from shopping. It can and should be abstaining from anything that draws you away from God, in your thinking, in your speech, in your actions. Whatever you can do, please set aside a fast and dedicate that time to praying for our Nation.

There is a lot going on in the spirit concerning this election. Prayers against terrorism, confusion, fear, passiveness, laziness, and perversion of the truth is important.

Here are some prayers for our Nation from John Eckhardt’s book, “Fasting For Breakthrough & Deliverance”. 

Thank you for standing with Father God, Jesus The Christ, and The Holy Spirit in praying for our Nation.


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