When life, “blows up”.

After going through a difficult time in 2013,… after my Family’s and my life “blew up”, I was devastated.I had prayed for three YEARS before it, knowing it was coming, seeking God for help.

Three years of all day praying and getting closer to Him, in fact I became closer to Him than I ever have! It’s amazing what desperation will produce.

Our world, still blew up,… shattered.

Tears, our kids breaking down in front of their schools, sobbing, frightened… it was bad.

I became quiet, confused, and feeling abandoned by God.
About a year later He was still gently, lovingly, drawing me back to Himself. I did love Him, and do. That will never change! But that day He had me read the book of Job.

I read it,… and it was exactly what I was feeling inside. The confusion, the pain, the feeling of rejection, faith shattered.

Every page was like TORTURE to me. It was re-opening the wounds and distrust. I HATED reading that book,… hated it.

It was, (and is) hard to understand. Why did Job have to go through all of that?? Why didn’t You intervene?
My hurt, confusion, and distrust have subsided since then, but there is still scars. I still have trouble with faith in that area (that blew up).
Today I was reading a book by Bob Sorge called, “Unrelenting Prayer”. I decided to look him up, and the first thing that came up was this video.
After watching it,… I feel like Jobe at the end, repenting. :*)


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