A Word from Father.

A Word from Father.10/11/16
“Tell My people that I love them. That I love ALL people and it is not My desire that they should perish.

I want to restore the United States of America to her deep roots in Me again, and I will wipe every tear from her eyes.

My love is the boat that will carry My people to safety.

Trust Me. Rely on Me alone. Seek My face as your vital need, and I shall reward you in the open.

I shall cover you with My Glory, My Presence, My love. 

You will be like a light to the world for all to see and hear! My Voice shall be your voice. My actions shall be your actions because of My Holy Spirit dwelling within you. And you shall go forth as My dreaded champions after My Holy Spirit has filled you, and the enemy’s knees will weaken and bang together in terror of you because of My Glory upon you!

His face shall become pale at your name, and he and his forces shall run in terror at the thought of you pleading My Blood and readying yourself for battle! For I AM with you, where ever you go!

Lean on Me alone, let Me lead you, follow Me! For My path is easy and My burden light!

Put your trust and faith into no man. For I alone am God, who is like Me? Can a man create a planet just from speaking? Can a man raise the dead back to life days later? Can a man control the weather? Can a man form a child within it’s Mother’s womb? I can, and I do!
Lean into Me. Rely on Me. Focus on Me. Pray for My Wisdom. Pray for the sins of your Nation, cry out to Me and I will deliver you!

For My love for you is more numerous than all the grains of sand in the World and more vast than all the stars in the Universe.

Learn from Me, for I AM your Teacher, Counselor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby and Sure Reward.

KNOW ME and My love for you, and you will never doubt Me, My Goodness, My Mercy, My Healing, My Truth, My Abundance again.”
Suggested reading: “The Bait Of Satan” by John Brevere,

“The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor.


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