Drawing Near to God.

The more I learn about relationship with Father God, the more I have to look at and work on Worshipping Father, Praying to Father and Fasting.
Worshipping acknowledges Father as God Almighty, The God of Love, Truth, Justice, Mercy, Salvation, Peace, Healing, Abundance, Life, Wisdom, Adoption, Counsel, Forgiveness, Grace, Help, and much more. In our worship we just love on Him and focus on Him.
Prayer is our Communication with Father God. We talk WITH Him during these times. We also sit quietly and LISTEN for Him to speak. His Voice is a still, small Voice inside. Or sometimes He will speak audibly, or through a song, a billboard, or even a bumper sticker! The words just seem to grab your attention, or stand out.
Fasting quiets our will, our flesh, and focuses us on Father God. We are less distracted. Prayer and worship MUST go along with fasting, or else it’s just a diet.
All three of these important subjects are SACRIFICES. They are meant to get our focus off of us, our wants, our desires, our wills and puts our focus on God alone and His Will.
This is how we come close to God. 🙂
Suggested reading: “The Bait If Satan” by John Brevere,

“The Secret Of The Stairs” by Wade E Taylor, 

“Intercessory Worship” by Dick Eastman, 

“The Hidden Power Of Prayer & Fasting” by Mashesh Chavda,

And if you have gone through adversity, tests, or trials that have shaken your faith in God, I highly recommend “Visions From Heaven” by Wendy Alec as well as “The Bait Of Satan”.


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