Last night I had a vision, from Father.I saw a map, an old map of the USA. It looked like it was cut out of old wood, with old faded American flag colors on it.

Then I saw the word, RESTORATION in capitals come out from the map and stayed on the map in bright gold / yellow colors. The type of colors you see from a morning winter sun beaming in your house, that warm, soft glow.

I felt such a peace when I saw it.
I believe Father God is saying that He is getting ready to restore America back to it’s original roots, of love and dependence upon God alone.

I’m not great with history, but the English left England because of religious persecution in search of a new land. When they did that they found America. During that time they relied heavily upon God alone, and sought to follow His Will.

The vision I believe represents America going back (old paint of the American flag represents going back, old), to those roots America was founded on.
How? I don’t know. The road could be difficult, challenging, and seemingly hopeless. But when we allow the necessary changes to take place, no matter how challenging, the end results will outweigh the difficulties.

Example: child birth is not always a pleasant experience. With out first Son I was in labor for 23 hours. But in the end, we had (and have) a beautiful healthy Son, and the pain was not even remembered.

The “birth” of this vision may be “heavy labor”, but the rewards will be worth it. 🙂
Never give up. Never allow the enemy convince you that ANYTHING with God is impossible or hopeless. Keep pressing into Him! Keep seeking His Will above your own! Keep loving Him and RECEIVING HIS LOVE! The enemy will try to convince you that God, THE GOD OF LOVE, 1 John 4:8, doesn’t love you and has rejected you. Don’t EVER believe that lie! God doesn’t love him, the enemy, Satan, NOT you! Never forget that! ❤️


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