Unrelenting Prayer!

When I was on my last fast, I got a glimpse into unrelenting prayer. It was an urgent matter that I was praying for, and The Holy Spirit encouraged me to keep praying through the almost, overpowering tiredness that was battling against me.I started praying around 10:00pm, and prayed, with motivation from The Holy Spirit, and prayed until midnight. That’s when the heaviness of sleep just disappeared, and my prayers became easier and more fervent. Something had broke through!

Then immediately, The Holy Spirit said, “Breakthrough!”

I knew it was finished. And within 48 hours, it was naturally FINISHED!
That inspired me, to dig deeper on relentless prayer. 

I stumbled on this book, ordered it, and it just came in the mail today! I am already on chapter 4, and I highly recommend this book, as well as learning why Women should be wearing a head covering when praying, and men to be UNcovered during prayer is also very important.

Ha! I just noticed on the back cover, the very first sentence says, “Grow in the kind of faith that never stops contending for breakthrough.”

BREAKTHROUGH, is what The Holy Spirit said to me when it was done! 😳😁


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