September 11.

My heart goes out to all who died on September 11, and their Families.There was a great loss that day, and the Families are still hurting. 

I would ask that everyone take some time out today and pray for the Families who lost their Mom or Dad, or Daughter or Son, or Brother or Sister that day.

Pray that we can forgive the terrorists, and that the Families can too.

Pray for safety in America.
To the Watchmen: pray against any terrorist attack, drug usage, pornography, witchcraft, idols, curses, idol of self. 

Pray for repentance and that America’s heart and minds would be turned back to Father God, Jesus The Christ and The Holy Spirit again.

Pray and release God the Father’s peace, love, strength, Wisdom, joy, hope, and the Blessings over America.

Keep praying, stay humble and walk in love.



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