Wake up America!

A Word I received from Father early this morning, concerning America:
“My heart is for America. But My people have been lulled to sleep when they should be awake, alert and active in prayer and worship. Or they are distracted by the pleasures or problems of life.

The enemy is hard at work to take and keep your eyes off of Me and your ears closed to My Words!
There is a great shaking,… a great shaking, coming to you America. This is a desperate time for you. 

You MUST wake up! You must press into Me with all your heart, with ok your mind, with ok your spirit!

Stay alert, stay focused on Me, listen for Me, for I AM Wisdom. I will help you in your time of need!

Does the Military train their Soldiers in the war? No! They are trained BEFORE they do battle to defend their Country.

You, My Children, have been distracted by sleep or entertainment, or problems instead of learning how to fight our enemy!

Don’t the farmers feed their pigs well, give them plenty of water and let them get big,… just to slaughter them? 

This is the plan of the enemy! Wake up! Pleasures are not always a good thing! 

Training takes work and is uncomfortable, but you will have strategy, ability, rank and My Strength to battle and win if you are willing and obedient to My training.

Stay alert! Stay active in Me. Listen for My orders, for My Wisdom and Counsel, and I will be The Rock that you will stand firm on in your time of need.

There will be a thousand problems going on around you, and you will be able to laugh at the face of it and say, “What is too hard for my God?”
Don’t fall sleep when you are supposed to be awake, prying and worshiping Me, for in the early hours, that is where you will find Me (Proverbs 8:17). In the Secret Place, that is where, I, Wisdom, will tell you things and give you strategy, hope and solutions.
Worship is a weapon! Don’t be fooled! Prayer is communication with Me. You need to hear My Voice, and seek My face as your vital need (Psalms 91, Psalms 31:20, Psalms 27:8).

Wake up America, so that the enemy does not slaughter you as the farmer does to the fattened pig in due season!
Seek Me, for I love you. Seek Me, with all of your heart, mind, spirit and strength, and you will find Me.

I am NEVER far from you.

Seek Me.”
Word from August 8, 2016


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