The Loin King

The Lion King
  The movie is so prophetic. Mufasa, the father of Simba, represents God, both Father and Son. Simba represents His children, us.

When we are young in Christ, we enjoy Him. We want to hear from Him, talk with Him, and just go on loving Him in our simple way.

As we start maturing in Christ, we are expected to learn and grow up. Just like Simba, Father warns us of certain things, stay away from that area (sin), and in fact The Holy Spirit who is your Counselor, Advocate, Teacher, Strengthener and Standby will teach you all things (see John 14:26 amp).
As we are walking along with The Holy Spirit, He convicts us (see John 16:7-11), and like Simba, we don’t always appreciate His correction or teaching. So we don’t listen, and maybe even mock Him.

The enemy, played as Scar, roams around, jealous of God’s creation of man after being thrown out of Heaven for rebelling and being proud against God, (see Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:11-19). He’s jealous that these people are called His Children, and he is an outcast.

So he plots, with the fallen angels, to bring destruction to man. The destruction will be the most devastating,… having the man outcast from the very presence of God, just as he was.

Scar, like satan, lures the young cub (woman) into doing something they shouldn’t by twisting the truth, (see Genesis 2:15-17, 3:17). The young Simba takes the bait, and is left alone, in a tree, while Scar and his hyena cohorts create a stampede where Simba is!

Then Scar tells the king, Mufassa, that his son is in danger! But Scar’s plot is more than just killing the cub (man), his true intention is to kill the king.

Mufassa, runs to Simba, fighting against the stampede to save his son, risking his own life to save him. Just like Jesus, Father and Jesus made a plan to redeem people of their sins, so they could be in the very presence of God once more, and forever. So Jesus willingly, came to earth, to teach, be an example and die for our redemption. He was the last sacrifice ever to be made for sin (see Hebrews 10:1-18).

Mufassa died to save his son. Simba was heartbroken! And like satan, Scar, pretending to care for Symba, convinced him that he was the reason his father was dead. Then, Scar gave him some advice, “Run away Symba”. 

Like most Christians, the enemy will lie to us and twist the truth, just like he did in the garden of Eden. He will tell us things like, “God is mad at you.” or “You are such a disappointment to God, why would He ever use you?” Or, “See, your prayers weren’t answered, after all that praying too! Obviously being a Christian is a waste of time and not real.” His objective? Just like with Adam and Eve, to create a separation between us and God. And just like Simba, we sometimes take the lie as truth, and we run away from His presence. 

Just as Scar told the hyenas to kill Simba, the enemy wants to kill any possible relationship we could ever have with Father. He knows that we are joint heirs with Jesus, (see Romans 8:12-17), and that we are given power and authority against satan, (see Mark 16:15-18, Matthew 10:6-8, Luke 10:19). So they chase us out into the wilderness, and threaten us to never come back!
Out in the wilderness, alone, without the presence and closeness with Father God, we slowly die. Hearing Father literally gives us life, (see John 6:63)!

Into the picture come Timon and Pumbaa. They see Simba, and have compassion on him. They give him shade, water and non-desirable food. I see these characters as Ministering Angels, as well as The Holy Spirit. Out in the wilderness, where we feel alone, guilty, hurt, and discouraged, Father still loves us and sends messages to us, encouraging us to come home to Him. They encourage us through a song, a billboard, a radio station, that small Voice deep inside… no matter how much we try to drowned it out through distractions. He keeps longing for us with a jealous love, (see James 4:1-5), despite all the distractions we can think of.

Like Simba, who is trying hard to forget his past and his true identity, we as Christians tend to do the same thing. And just like Scar and satan, he is very happy that we have run away, forgetting that we have power and authority over him! He is happily running around, oppressing people, lying to them, making them into his slaves and killing them off slowly. He has them convinced that he is king, and that he has all the power and authority. And as long as we aren’t in the picture, running away, happily ignoring our duties, singing “Hakuna Matata”, he is free to steal, kill and destroy (see John 10:10) with no one to stop him.
After a while, Simba’s past catches up to him out of desperation. The lion pride is starving, there is no water, and the land is in runes. The lionesses have to venture out farther to find food. Little did Nila know that she would find Simba, the rightful king, the one who has the authority to change everything!

Like Christians, we may try to keep running, but seeing all of the injustice, oppression, hate, fear, lies, agony will catch up with us. We can either take our rightful place, as a servant of The Most High God, speaking His Words, and standing up for the poor, orphaned, widowed, and anyone in need (see Matthew 6:1-15, actually all of Matthew 6).

Finally, after some convincing through a knock to the head, and a re-introduction to his father, Simba decides to go back to Pride Rock and take his rightful place as king.

We too, as Christians need to take our rightful place as joint heirs with Christ, and free the oppressed through our relationship with Father in His Presence! (See Psalm 31:20 and Psalm 91). This means, submitting to Him and His Will, not our own. Loving Him with all that we are, and loving others (see Matthew 22:35-40, 1 Corinthians 13:1-8), saying what He tells us to say, and do what He shows us to do just like Jesus did, (see John 3:32-34, John 5:19-32).

Now once Symba gets to Pride Rock, he sees the oppression, and it’s bad! Symba goes to challenge Scar for his rightful place in authority. Of course Scar is a bit surprised to see Simba, alive. Out of fear of loosing his position of lording over his subjects, he tries once again to convince Simba and all the others that Simba is the reason his father is dead. He tries to make Simba feel guilty once again, in hopes that he will run away once more, and tries to turn the others against Simba too. If he can accomplish this, then the whole pride will kill Simba, and he can keep on doing what he has been doing with no one else to challenge him. 

This is something satan does all the time. He will try to make you feel guilty, ashamed, doubt, fear, worry, feel insecure in your relationship with Father, remember, that’s his main objective! Without a relationship with The King of kings, and obeying His Words, nothing can happen. We as Christians need to KNOW Father God, Jesus the Christ (The Anointed One) and The Holy Spirit. We need to know them, and be so close to Them as much as we need to breathe!
During the challenge, a fight breaks out, and Scar makes the mistake of revealing his dirty little secret,… that HE killed Mufasa! He thought he had Simba beat, and figured it couldn’t hurt to tell the truth just this once, but what a backlash from Simba! 

Once we figure out how much the enemy twists the truth and lies, (he is the father of lies, see John 8:43-45) we should be upset at all he has stolen, destroyed, murdered, and oppressed, and through Father and His Words, give him a backlash like he never dreamed of! We should all be so close to Father God, Jesus The Christ and the Holy Spirit that satan himself can’t tell if we are us or Jesus!! (See Ephesians 5:1)
Eventually Simba and the pride turn on Scar, seeing his lies exposed. He even tries to blame everything on his fellow cohorts, the hyenas. But he doesn’t realize that hey overheard him talking, and they eventually turned on him and killed him.

That’s typical of demons, they work together to accomplish certain things, and yet hate each other. There is nothing good in them.
Simba took his rightful place, and because of him realizing who he truly was, he became the defender of Pride Rock, and king.

Just like Simba, we as Christians need to take our rightful place as “kings no priests to God our Father” (see Revelation 1:5-6). But before we can be a king before God, carrying our His Authortiy in His Name, we must become priests to God, through Worshiping God The Father, our Lord Jesus The Christ and The Holy Spirit. We must be before Him in worship, communing (talking) with Him, praying to Him for the Nations, for out city, for our neighbor, for our President, for every place that there is oppression. To love on Him, to stand in awe of His beautiful, fathomless, selfless LOVE, in all His Glory and Majesty. This is where we need to be at all times, before Him, praying WITH what His Will is, and for what is on His Heart. Working in cooperation to His desires, His Word and Authority, making His enemies His footstool, (see Luke 20:41:43).
Books I encourage you to read:

The Bible

The Bait Of Satan, by John Brevere

The Secret Of The Stairs, by Wade E Taylor (1st book)

Waterspouts Of Glory, by Wade E Taylor (2nd book)

The Practice Of The Presence Of God, by Brother Lawrence

Healing The Orphan Spirit, by Leif Hetland

Fasting, by Jentezen Franklin (a great how to and why book)

Fasting For Breakthrough & Deliverance, by John Eckhardt

What’s The Point?, By Misty Edwards

Azusa Street, by Frank Bartleman (this will expose how much the American Church is lacking)
Just to name a few. Don’t get overwhelmed by the books, look at it as a way to grow into a vital relationship with The Father of your heart. I have named the books in order that progress into maturity.


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