A Family Prayer.

In The Name of Jesus Christ, before Whom I stand, I bind up and cast out EVERY manipulative, controlling, lying, fearing, rejecting, orphan, cursing, blocking, sickness, disease, debt, lack, unforgiving, blasphemous, rebellious, promiscuous, ahab, jezebel, urchin, timid, bullying, occultism, idols, witchcraft, and EVERY oppressive spirit from our Family, from our house, from our relationships, from our minds, from our hearts, from our bodies NOW, and I deny you access in every area FOREVER in The Name Of Jesus Christ! We reject your lies, and only accept TRUTH!

Father, we repent for accepting or entertaining those lies. We forgive anyone who has hurt us IN ANY WAY, physically or emotionally. We forgive them, and release them from any debt we felt they owed us, now in Jesus Name! And now merciful Father, we humbly ask You to forgive us for our sins. We receive Your perfect, Love and Forgiveness, and eagerly pursue You, and our reconciled relationship with You!
Father, Lord, Holy Spirit, I welcome You in EVERY AREA of my Family’s and my life! In our minds, our hearts, our spirits, our home, our jobs, and our schools. Let us carry the sweet aroma of Your Presence wherever we go! Invade us with Your Love, let Your Love pour out of our mouths and bellies like a flood and touch everyone around us for miles! Let Your Love affect others all around the earth in such magnitude that all know, it can only be from You alone!

Block and protect our senses from accepting anything other than YOU, Your TRUTH, Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Forgiveness, Your Healing, Your Joy, Your Assertiveness, Your Humility, Your PRESENCE, so that we may effectively release Your Power at Your Word.

Keep us Holy. 

We submit our whole selves as living sacrifices,… as an altar, and ask You Holy Spirit, to burn up any wooden or stone idol that may try to invade our hearts, minds, spirit or flesh. We throw them upon the altar of our hearts and invite You to consume them in Your Holy Fire. Fire only falls on sacrifice, and we withhold no part of us from You.

Keep us desperately hungry for You alone.

In Jesus’ beautiful and mighty Name, Amen.

Please note: an orphan spirit means someone who is made to feel rejected, alone, uncared for, abandoned, unworthy, not good enough, not acceptable, treated with disdain (to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn.)

A cursing spirit means someone who continually speaks harmful, degrading, disdained words towards, or about someone (gossip), thus actually invoking a curse upon the person. (See Proverbs 18:21, Matthew 12:30-37, James 3:5-17)  


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